Full "Boom" Package for "High- Roof" Vans: Vac Reel Stand & Boom- Mount NPSR's, 450 ft. Capacity: Black

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Product description

The "Vac Stand and Boom Mount" 450 ft. capacity package for High Roof vans is designed to maximize available cargo space, while minimizing the space required to store your vacuum and supply hoses.  This is accomplished by getting all reels up off of the floor, via raising the Vacuum Reel up on a stand and suspending the Supply Reels out over the floor on a "Boom", which provides cargo space underneath. It can be installed on either side at the back door, or, at the side door, next to your truck mount, so that the entire back of the van is open for storage. 

The stand for the XSVRE450's has been designed to allow it to be about 4" into the floor space occupied by the wheel well.  This allows the reel to be 4" closer to the wall and therefore provides 4" more clearance between the edge of the reel / stand and the opposite side of the van. So, although it's actually 25" wide, it only requires 21" of floor width.

This configuration is fully accessible underneath from both the side and the "business end", providing convenient storage that is easy to reach.

This package includes everything necessary for installation, except mounting bolts for the reels mounted on the floor, hoses for (optional) live connections and wire to connect the electric reel to your van or truckmount battery.

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