MaxxTreme Prespray, 6.5 lbs

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Product description

Some floors are simply so dirty and heavily soiled you just have to throw the works at them. That is what MAXXTREME is all about. By using the cleaning power of alkalinity and combining state of the art low foaming surfactants and grease busting solvents, it binds, emulsifies, dissolves, breaks down and melts away the grimiest of soils. MAXXTREME Prespray is your FIRST CHOICE for LAST RESORT Cleaning for synthetic carpet and ceramic or porcelain tile. It isn’t just for restorative cleaning, it’s for resurrection cleaning.


You know the jobs I am talking about:

  • People who could easily star on the television show hoarders

  • The guys and gals who rebuild their motorcycle engines... in their

    living room, because it is too cold outside.

  • That restaurant that has apparently never heard of using a degreaser

    in their kitchen.

  • Folks who don’t take very good care of their floors and expect you to

    perform a miracle

  • More cleaning power packed inside, you aren’t paying to ship water

  • MAXXTREME will cost you only around 70 cents per mixed gallon


Why a powder?

• More cleaning power packed inside!

• Mixed according to directions, MAXXTREME will cost you only around 70 cents per mixed gallon

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