AIRWALL - Universal Dust Curtain

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Product description

NOTE: (As seen connected to two Nexus walls on the left and right, not included)

Includes: 1 dust curtain, two polycarbonate ribs for flexibility and for support, two adjustable straps for secure fit, a window for safety and visibility, a curved “C” shaped zipper for easy access and, when zipped to a “J”, excellent air flow, and one job sheet holder.

Dimensions: The overall width is 8 feet, the center portion is 5 feet wide, and it can accommodate 8 foot, 9 foot and 10 foot hard ceilings.

Features: 1 tunable make-up air filter port with Mark 1 ACV (atmospheric check valve), two universal ports for ducting up to 16” in diameter, lockable zipper door and a window.

Compatibility: can be installed with tape and poles or with one or more Nexus walls. Can also be used just as a reusable dust barrier or as part of the rigid or soft AIRLOX doffing chambers.

* Tunable Mark 1 ACV shown fully closed, half open and fully open. Also the universal ducting port with flexible PVC ducting (not included)

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